5 Keys of

Shamanic wisdom

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What People Say

The energy transmissions and activations of this course are unique to each person and will unfold their full potential in divine timing. Connect deeper with your inner wisdom through timeless ceremonies and spiritual practices.

What is included in the course?

Work with the 5 Keys of Shamanic Wisdom to heal, transform, and to empower your life. Build your powerful healing Mesa: a shamanic medicine bundle for personal healing and global transformation.

MODULE 1: Healing & A New Beginning

Opening the Sacred Circle. The energy of the South and the great healing serpent of the jungle, Sachamama, is the guardian energy of this journey. Together with Pachamama, Mother Earth we heal what is ready to be healed in our life and we journey to the Shaman’s Tree (Tree of Life) to create a New Beginning. You will learn how to open Sacred Space, navigate a shamanic soul journey, and communicate with the natural world. Homework will be given.

MODULE 2: Transformation & Inner Strength

In the direction of the West we explore the jungle of our unconscious mind. We transform our fears and limitations into opportunities and discover our inner strength. The Jaguar spirit is the guardian energy of this journey and will provide us with a platform for letting the old go and rebirthing ourselves to become homo luminous. You will learn how to cleanse your energy body, how to build your Mesa (medicine bundle) and more. Homework will be given.


MODULE 3: Inner Wisdom & Power Animal

With the energies of the North, the energies of the great Apus (sacred mountains) we open a gateway to connect deeper with our inner wisdom and call in your personal power animal (guardian animal spirit) to join you. We will work on opening our intuitive channels and receive guidance and energy code transmissions by the Hummingbird spirit, who overseas this journey. You will deepen your work with your Mesa while working with your power animal and other spiritual guides towards personal clarity and sacred intention. Homework will be given.

MODULE 4: Co-Creation & Council of Light

In the direction of the East, we will be connecting with the Eagle spirit who brings in a new wind, a fresh air into our life. As it carries us upwards to the Council of Light, we will meet your spirit guides and receive further clarity and direction for your life journey. You will learn what is means to become light like a feather, explore the principles of Co-Creation from a shamanic viewpoint and more. Homework will be given.

MODULE 5: The Mystery Beyond & Viracocha

We come home to the embrace of the Great Divine Spirit. During our shamanic soul journey we will connect with Viracocha: the Great Creator of the Sacred Circle. We complete your Mesa, your medicine bundle, and you will learn how to use it for future healing of yourself and others. In this final class all insights, messages, and learnings shall come together to craft the “Big Picture” – a magnetic and empowering image to be used to create your best future life.

Experiential Training

Each class will have a lecture and practical hands-on training followed by a guided and channeled shamanic soul journey.

Energy Transmission

Doni Amoris will channel energy medicine and star language to transmit beautiful and empowering energy codes and activations directly to you.

Months of Learning

This self-paced online training consists of 5 classes, each class over 130 minutes in duration, and comes with homework in between classes.

Video Recordings

All classes are pre-recorded. You can watch the recording and still receive the full benefit of the teachings and transmissions. Just open your heart and mind!

Certificate of Completion

After completing the course, you will receive a Shamanic Wisdom Level 1 certificate from Doni Amoris.


"We live in extraordinary times. This is a sacred time to follow our heart's calling and co-create a world that supports the well-being and happiness of all. I feel so blessed to be able to share my gifts of love with you. I invite you to explore deeper how this work can help you to reconnect with the fullest potential of your inner Light!" - Doni Amoris

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